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    The iSchool graduate program at the University of Maryland results in a Master of Library and Information Science degree and Maryland State Department of Education Certification as a School Library Media Specialist (SL). The SL specialization's mission and curriculum are aligned with the latest national guidelines and standards for school library programs published by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). By adopting the mission endorsed by AASL, which represents the school library field nationally, the SL specialization ensures that its theoretical framework and philosophy are consistent with the latest and most advanced national statements regarding the profession.

    The primary goals of the specialization are to:

    Provide candidates with a theoretical and research-based foundation in the historical and contemporary issues influencing the development of the field of information studies and SL.

    Help candidates develop the understanding and skills necessary to fulfill the five roles of the contemporary school librarian — leader, teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, and program administrator.

    Prepare candidates to be (1) effective team members and advocates to integrate information literacy throughout the curriculum and (2) leaders in using technology to enhance learning.

    Help candidates master the most advanced thinking about learning theory, pedagogy, information access and delivery, educational and information studies research, and concepts and techniques of program management.

    Provide rich field-based experiences that will enable candidates to apply theoretical understandings to practical settings.

    Foster a professional attitude, a commitment to the ethics of the SL profession, and a dedication to becoming engaged an active leader in the learning community of the school.

    Each student is expected to participate in the operation of a school library program in both an elementary school and a secondary school for a total of 30 full school days. Each student must complete two placements and the placements must be in different districts.  One placement must be in an elementary school (for a minimum of 15 days).  For the second placement, students choose between a middle OR a high school (for a minimum of 15 days).  Students enroll in the internship for one semester near the end of their studies but may extend the placements over two semesters, with the instructor's approval.  Students who are currently working in a school are not allowed to complete their internship in the school in which they are employed, but they may complete a placement at another school within the district.

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