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    Many retirees have received a newsletter from the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System dated July 2018 called Retiree News and Notes.  It states there will be a change to the retiree prescription drug coverage for state employees - that prescription coverage for Medicare-eligible retirees will cease starting January 1, 2019.

    Rest assured, this change DOES NOT affect AACPS retirees as AACPS retirees are covered in AACPS-sponsored benefits.  Our Medicare-eligible retirees will continue to receive the benefit of the SilverScript prescription coverage that is provided with all AACPS retiree medical plans.

    2018 Retiree Benefits Summary

    Retiree Open Enrollment for 2019 benefits is in October 2018.  Updated plan benefit information is sent to healthcare enrollees in late September.

    No action is required unless you wish to move to another plan or are turning 65 in January.

    Open Enrollment Meeting Schedule:

    Open enrollment meetings will be scheduled in the fall.

    AACPS provides comprehensive retiree healthcare coverage to eligible retirees. 

    Retiree healthcare eligibility and funding are administered in accordance with Board Policy and Administrative Regulation.  See page three (3) of the 2018 Retirees Healthcare Enrollment Guide for complete details.

    There are three retiree medical plans through CareFirst for retirees under age 65 - BlueChoice HMO, BlueChoice Triple Option, and the PPN (for out-of-state retirees)

    There are three retiree medical plans through CareFirst for retirees over age 65 (or Medicare-Disabled)- Medi-Comp (national) , BlueChoice HMO, and BlueChoice Triple Option (national).

    Medicare A&B is required for participation in the over 65 retiree medical plans (or for those considered Medicare disabled).

    Prescription benefits

    for under 65: CVS Caremark 

    for over 65/Medicare Disabled: CVS Caremark SilverScript.

    Four tiers of co-payments apply (generic, brand, non-preferred, and specialty).

    Dental and Vision plan options are available.

    For more information: Contact HR/Retirement at 410-222-5224 (

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    Mia Harper: Alphabet L-Z 

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