Employee of the Month

Mrs. Terri Gysegem



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Terri Gysegem

Today the Board of Education recognizes a valued assistant whose presence in her school is important and necessary.  She has been at Marley Glen for many years and she is worth her weight in gold, especially when helping develop last minute materials for small group instruction at her school, which is no small undertaking!  Terri Gysegem, para-educator in the speech/language department, keeps busy running up and down the hallway grabbing copies of out the printer, making copies, cutting, gluing, grabbing manipulatives out of the supply closet, putting batteries in switch-operated toys, and then assisting the teachers with their lessons every step of the way!

Terri is a wiz at prompting students that need help and following behavior protocols of students who demonstrate behaviors that may interfere with their ability to participate in a lesson.  Her help is invaluable to the three teachers in her department and in all classrooms.  In addition to being an irreplaceable assistant she is also an unbelievable asset to the school.  She is always happy to fill in for an absent or unavailable staff person.  She easily slips into any classroom and is immediately able to follow that classroom’s schedule, a specific student’s schedule, and handle any other situation that may arise.  If an observer came into the classroom and did not know Terri was filling in for a teacher, they would never know that she didn’t spend every day of the school year with those particular students.  She is just that good!

Last spring Terri’s presence in the school became even more critical when Marley Glen received a 19-year old student who had just been discharged from Kennedy Krieger’s Neurobehavioral Unit.  At 6’3” and with significant self-injurious and aggressive behaviors, this student required a four person team at all times in order to maintain safety.  Additionally, the student had one of the most elaborate behavioral protocols that staff at Kennedy Krieger had ever developed.  Terri was identified as one of the ten staff members who would be trained to run the student’s protocol and maintain safety.  Terri showed great flexibility, filling in for staff as she was needed, even if it required switching around her normal schedule as a speech language teaching assistant.  While the behavior assistant was out on maternity leave last year, Terri stepped in to assist by entering data into the behavior database for all 35 students who had Behavior Intervention Plans.  Terri is easy to work with, accepts suggestions and direction without conflict and has an amazing work ethic.

Terri Gysegem – you are an integral part of the success of your challenging students, and you are held in high regard by all the teachers, students and staff in the Marley Glen family.  So on behalf of the Board of Education, we are pleased to recognize you Employee of the Month for June 2018.  Congratulations!