Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    The Board of Education recognizes an educator in our school system who truly considers how parent, student, and teacher involvement are paramount to student success.

    Mrs. Jessica Allman, English Language Acquisition Teacher from Nantucket Elementary School. Mrs. Allman works hard to incorporate families into the school community. She plans an ELL Night every marking period, where she informs parents of all ethnicities and cultures about general topics, including Parent Portal, accessing online resources, and completing forms for school. She has also invited students to the school once a week during the summer to facilitate discussions about books they are reading and check out books they are interested in. She is involved in designing a “culture” bulletin board that highlights a specific heritage of those who attend the school. She also displayed a map of the world in our school, so that every child and family could see what countries are represented at Nantucket.

    Mrs. Allman is a positive staff member to work with, always willing to help in any way possible. She is willing to model lessons, pull small groups together, and co-teach to help each student reach success. She takes time to incorporate the skills and tops from curriculum into her own lessons. This supports students with preteaching and reteaching, as necessary.

    Mrs. Allman is a part of the School Improvement Team and the Collaborative Decision-Making Team. She is always reviewing data to monitor the school’s goals and growth. She is a model for the students at Nantucket. She is helpful, kindhearted, hardworking, and positive. She displays these traits every day towards her colleagues, parents, and students.

    Mrs. Allman provides an immense service to the students, staff, and community of Nantucket Elementary School. She is willing to go the extra mile to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. She goes above and beyond, building relationships with her students, this is evident when their faces light up when they see her. Nantucket is lucky to have such a great attribute at its’ school.         

    Jessica Allman - you play a critical role in the academic achievement and success of the students of Nantucket Elementary School. The part that you play in our students’ lives do not go unnoticed and for these reasons and more the Board is honored to recognize you Educator of the Month for December 2019.


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