Educator of the Month

Mrs. Lisa Whipp



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lisa Whipp

 The Board of Education recognizes a National Board Certified teacher in our school system who is truly special in every sense of the word, as each and every day she supports and encourages challenging elementary aged, special education students.  Lisa Whipp spends her days at Marley Glen maintaining a classroom of seven students, who have significant intellectual, behavioral, visual and/or motor difficulties.  She consistently follows Behavioral Intervention Plans for each individual student, utilizing “first/then” boards, token systems, built in “breaks/reinforcers,” and “fidgits,” while still managing to follow a highly modified county-wide curriculum.  Because of the significant challenges facing her students Lisa must constantly modify materials in all subject areas.  She utilizes enlarged picture symbols, real objects, speech activated communication devices, music and art in order to ensure that each of her students successfully meet the goals and objectives of their Individualized Educational Plans.

Lisa strives to train and mentor the teaching assistants that work in her classroom so they can be successful in their work environment and contribute positively to the overall functioning of the classroom.  She coordinates specific times to meet with all of the specialists that provide services to her students, of which there are many!  Pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, teachers of the visually impaired, mobility and coordination specialist, behavior specialists, social workers and aqua therapists, to name a few!  She provides insights regarding each student which better enable the specialist to have positive interactions with the students, leading to greater success towards mastery of the student’s IEP goals and objectives.

Lisa is the Committee Chairperson of the Positive Behavioral and Intervention Supports Program at Marley Glen. She attends county wide meetings and reports information back to staff at monthly meetings.  She also organizes and carries out school-wide PBIS incentive programs and ensures that Marley Glen maintains a “Gold Medal” ranking from the PBIS Oversight Committee.  The importance of that position at Marley Glen, a school that deals consistently and effectively with students who have significant behavioral challenges, cannot be overstated.

Lisa Whipp, you play a major role in the lives of your students.  You are the link between Marley Glen parents and their children, some of whom are not able to go home and communicate with their parents about their school day.  Remaining in close contact with parents through daily notes, phone calls and emails is a constant source of appreciation and critical to the success of their children.

So on behalf of the Board of Education, and the students and staff of Anne Arundel County Public Schools, congratulations on being awarded Educator of the Month for January 2018!