Volunteer of the Month

Mr. Bruce Saylor



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Bruce Saylor

A notable African proverb wisely states “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our esteemed Volunteer of the Month, Mr. Bruce Saylor, has shown his understanding of this concept by consistently supporting the Center of Applied Technology South in its goal of increasing business partners, promoting student certifications, and ensuring that students practice employability skills. 

Mr. Saylor is a daily volunteer at CAT South, and according to Principal Joseph Rose, he “donates both his time and materials to [the] Carpentry program” at the school.  Mr. Rose also shared that  Mr. Saylor “measures himself to a high standard” and “works with students individually for extra support...offering assistance with class projects, new instructional skills, and creative designs.” Mrs. Rosaria Jablonski, Department Chairperson for Construction Trades, echoes Mr. Rose’s commendations of Mr. Saylor, as she states, “students listen...to his gentle advice, and they watch him carefully as he demonstrates the construction skills that have been taught in the classroom.” 

As owner and chief operator of a construction business, Mr. Saylor models career readiness and employability skills with the students of CAT South by being consistently punctual; making connections between industry and instruction; supporting experiential learning and student projects; and maintaining a positive, encouraging, and professional attitude.  Principal Rose has observed that Mr. Saylor “provides direct evidence of the importance of program certifications and how students can excel in the real-world of life after high school.” 

In addition to the wealth of support that Mr. Saylor continuously provides to CAT South students and classes, he also collaborated with his son and other family members to design a courtyard and support the CAT South school beautification project. School leaders have called Mr. Saylor’s value of scholarship and service “contagious”, and they agree that “his selfless time and patience” dedicated to students “is above and beyond the call of a volunteer.” 

Mr. Jim Turek, a Career and Technology Education teacher who has worked closely with Mr. Saylor,  has illustrated the impact of his service with a powerful statement: “Bruce has a way with our kids, lending compassion, and making each feel as they are the most important person in the room. He truly makes a difference at the Center of Applied Technology South and in the lives of our students.” 

Mr. Saylor, we thank you for your consistent commitment and dedication to the students, staff, and school community of the Center of Applied Technology South.  It is because of dedicated volunteers like you that our students can go far -- for your presence and support are a constant reminder that they never have to go alone. 

We are pleased to honor you as our Volunteer of the Month!