Supplemental Retirement Program

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    The AACPS Supplemental Retirement Program is available to all employees.

    The following plans are available:

    • 403(b) and 457(b) tax-deferred compensation plan 
    • Roth 403(b) and Roth 457(b) post-tax plan.

    You may contribute to all the plans up to IRS annual limits.

    403(b) Plan and 457(b)

       Elective deferral limit is $23,000
       Age 50 catch-up $7,500  

     Roth 403(b) Plan and Roth 457(b)

      Elective deferral limit is $23,000
      Age 50 catch-up $7,500

    Consult with a Corebridge Financial Advisor to establish or review your investments to meet your personal retirement goals.

    Online Enrollment/Changes

    Enroll or make contribution changes.  Additional assistance is available by contacting a Client Care representative at 800-448-2542 or follow the online registration instructions.

    Retirement Manager will continue to be used for hardship distribution, withdrawal, and/or loan certificates.

    Resigning or Retiring?

    Create a “Severance of Employment Certificate” through Retirement Manager to withdraw, rollover, take a distribution.

    Submit the forms directly to Corebridge Financial for processing. No AACPS signature is required when a Certificate is provided.  

    Retirement Manager






  • CONTACT COREBRIDGE FINANCIAL to establish an investment account before you enroll for the first time:

    Corebridge Financial 800-448-2542

    For additional information, contact Corebridge Financial at 800-448-2542 or contact HR/Benefits at 410-222-5219/5221.

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