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    Guest Choreography Request (requires AACPS login to complete form)

    Dance Festival Intention Form (requires AACPS login to complete form)


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    The AACPS Dance Festivals are hosted in February of each year as performance opportunities for elementary though high school students. For all but the middle and high school gala concerts, students arrive after school for stage rehearsal and performances. For the gala concerts, selected Dance Company students take master classes during the academic day and perform in the evening Gala. 
    Festival t-shirt preorders are placed through your student's school.

    Sold out Dance Festival concerts will be aired on closed-circuit TV on location. Parents will be ushered into the auditorium to see their dancer's school perform live and will be ushered back to the closed-circuit TV broadcast afterwards (due to fire code regulations for auditorium capacity). There is no charge for this. ALL PARENTS WILL SEE THEIR DANCER(S) PERFORM LIVE. 

    If your dancer's school is sold out, please:

    1) Ask at the school level to see if any extra tickets are available. Families will purchase tickets and sometimes later find members of their party cannot attend.

    2) Attendees with tickets not being used are asked to bring them to the Dance Festival and check them in at the Box Office table in the lobby. Everyone needing tickets is also asked to check in at the Box Office table. Festival staff will be there to match up extra tickets with attendees needing tickets. In most cases, we are able to get auditorium seats for those that want them.