PGD is dedicated to developing a high-quality workforce that values professional learning and prepares our students to contribute to a diverse and changing world. 

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools-Professional growth & development. Impact. We echo Learning Forward as we strongly believe that access to effective professional learning should be equitable across our classrooms and schools. Every educator has the right to experience great learning every day. Every student has the right to experience great teaching every day. Our future depends on it. Each school year, twelve thousand employees have the opportunity to attend classes and training sessions to improve their craft. Eighty-three thousand students benefit from having qualified teachers, administrators, and staff members to guide them each day. Team PGD supports over 2,600 professional development sessions, Right Start Advisors for 1,200 new teachers, 35 aspiring leaders, 180 assistant principals, teacher assistants, and department chairs. Growing ourselves to grow others  Interns, Micro-credentials, Carver@Night, Building Instructional Leadership, Mursion, Professional Development Schools, New Teachers. The mission of the Division of Professional Growth & Development (PGD) is to provide continuous and focused learning for all employees, to serve as a school system professional learning network, and to advance individual and organizational development in order to ensure achievement for every student.

    Carver Center for Professional Growth & Development:

    Our AACPS Creative Space for Growing our People 

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