Educator of the Month

  • Educator of the Month

    We recognize an educator in our school system who maintains the largest program in the CAT-North building. She coordinates students, testing, business partnerships, higher ed. relationships, scheduling of the program, and three other teachers who all teach the same class. This is no easy feat for any one person but Ms. Jennifer Montagnino does all of this and with ease.

    Ms. Montagnino is the Department Chair for the Academy of Health Sciences department. This departments affords students the opportunity to learn about health professions including Nursing, Medical Assistant, and Pharmacy Technician. She has helped her department maintain over a 93% pass rate on industry certification exams. These students are able to take these certifications and go right into medical career fields or pursue higher education, often receiving college proficiency credit while at CAT-North.

    Jennifer promotes positive changes in the growth of the students and the staff, often running professional development courses for staff and organizing the 42-hour clinical practice per semester for the students. She works tirelessly to ensure students have hands on training in the field they are preparing to enter.

    As a National Board-Certified teacher who holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a certificate in Administration, Ms. Montiagnino is an extremely sound teacher. Her friendly demeanor and professional attitude are the standard to meet at CAT-North. She has the respect of the students and staff alike. She’s a coach and a mentor. She is a pillar in the schoolhouse.  All of this is only possible by building strong relationships.

    And so, for these reasons and more the Board honors you as Educator of the Month for February 2020, Congratulations!

2019 Teacher of the Year

 Teresa Beilstein



Degrees and Certifications:

Teresa Beilstein

2019-2020 Maryland State Teacher of the Year

Third Grade Teacher, South Shore Elementary School

"This profession is truly an honor. It is the intersection of my passion and purpose. I am so lucky to have a career that fulfills me as a person. It’s more than I could ever ask for and I’m honored to represent my colleagues across the state.”

Press Release

Ms. Beilstein shares her story with the Faces of AACPS.