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  • Overtime and Additional Compensation

    Posted by Angela Barber at 9/11/2017

    The September 13, 2017 check includes payment to temporary employees, including substitutes, and overtime and/or additional compensation for work submitted on "blue/green" sheets received prior to payroll cutoff, for hours worked between August 16 and August 29, 2017

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  • Employee Self Service

    Posted by HR at 8/27/2017

    Human Resources provides access to paystubs for all active employees through our Employee Self Service (ESS) site. Go to ESS to view your paystub, W-2, as well as your pay details, deductions, leave, benefits, dependents, and other personal information. You can also update your address and contact information for ConnectED calls, and change your direct deposit information. To access the ESS system, go to https://ess.aacps.org and enter your network username (entered in lower case letters) and password. You must log out of the ESS system when you are done.  You should keep your password secure and not share it with anyone.

    Links to ESS Resources are available on the HR Intranet page. Just click on the Employee Self Service button. If you have questions about the data in ESS, call HR at 410-222-5061. If you have trouble accessing ESS or don’t know your username and password, contact the Help Desk at 410-222-5135 or Help-Desk@aacps.org

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  • HR Payroll

    Posted by HR at 8/27/2017

    September 13, 2017, was the first pay date for the 2017-2018 school year for all 10-month employees (except 210 day).  Please refer to the upcoming September 2017 Human Resources Bulletin for important information from your Human Resources Department.

    The first retirement deduction for 12-month employees of the Teachers' Pension System and 10-month employees is September 27, 2017.  

    Custodians - please verify your shift pay.  Call your payroll clerk only if:

    1) You start work at 10 a.m. or later but did not receive shift pay, or
    2) You start work before 10 a.m. and received shift pay.

    Please review your paycheck carefully, including tax filing status (i.e. married/single, state of residence, number of exemptions) and leave balance data.  Ensure that you have been credited with the correct number of hours for sick and personal business.  If you believe your pay or leave balance is incorrect, please contact the timekeeper at your work location.

    Leave balances on your paystub are shown in hours and minutes (hh:mm).  To calculate/verify your leave balances in days, or to convert leave usage from days to hours:minutes, HR has developed the "What is my Leave Balance in Days" worksheet.


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  • HR Benefits

    Posted by Angela Barber at 8/27/2017

    Mark your calendars for this fall's open enrollment for 2018 benefits!

    Open Enrollment will be October 30 through November 12, 2017. 

    You must go online if:

    • you have a spouse enrolled in an AACPS medical plan (complete the Spouse Coverage Certification)
    • you want to change your current coverage(s)
    • you want to enroll for coverage you do not currently have
    • you want to add or drop a dependent
    • you want to participate in a flexible spending account (FSA) for 2018.  You must enroll (or re-enroll) to annually participate

    If you are adding a dependent, you must provide proof of relationship to the employee (e.g. copy of birth certificate) to HR/Benefits.

    Open Enrollment materials will be on the AACPS website.  More information will be available in the October 2017 Open Enrollment Guide.

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  • HR Retirement

    Posted by Benefits at 1/1/2017

    The annual Fall Planning for Retirement Seminar will be on Saturday, October 21, 2017, at Severna Park High School (8:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)  Look for the flyer at all work locations that contains program and registration information.  Registration is due by Friday, October 6, 2017.

    Coming soon - Personal Statement of Benefits are sent each fall by the Maryland State Retirement Agency (MSRA) to the home of active members with data as of June 30, 2017.  Your statement provides an up-to-date summary of your retirement account, including your service, contributions paid, and beneficiary information.  Your statement also includes projections of future retirement benefits available to you when you become eligible.  We encourage you to use this statement to verify the accuracy of your account data.

    The Summer edition of the active members' retirement newsletter, The Mentor, has been posted to the MSRA website.  It contains important information regarding the Personal Statement of Benefits.

    If you are planning to retire by February 1, 2018, you should attend an AACPS Retirement Information Program and a Retirement Forms Workshop this Fall. The schedule is available on MyAACPS-PD (formerly ERO). If you are within one year of retirement and are considering retiring, it is recommended you attend both programs. Important: first obtain an estimate of your benefit by completing MSRA form 9 and submitting it to the State on a timely basis. The estimate takes 8-10 weeks to process. The information is critical to help you make important decisions as you prepare your application for retirement.  Here are links to MSRA forms.

    The MSRA is offering free Pre-Retirement Seminars this fall for members within eight years of retirement.  The registration form can be found here.  Pre-Retirement Planning webinars are also offered - register here.


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  • Professional Growth and Development

    Posted by Angela Barber at 12/1/2016

    Information related to Fall 2017 Professional Development Workshops and college courses is accessible through the AACPS website.  The online chart can be accessed here.  Please register on MYAACPS-PD at least 3 days before the workshop start date.

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  • Job Description Library

    Posted by Kathy Orndorff at 11/1/2016

    The online Job Description Library (JDL) can be accessed via the Intranet.  It is designed to allow:

    • employees to search and view active job descriptions online,
    • managers to create new job descriptions,
    • managers to edit and submit job description changes, and
    • HR to track and store historical job descriptions.  

    The following Help documents are available in the JDL:

    • Job Aids ("How-To" Guides:  View, Edit, Create, or Reclassification)
    • Job Description Templates
    • Job Level Guidelines

    For assistance, contact the JDL Administrator, Davetta Henderson, at djhenderson1@aacps.org or call 410-222-5088.

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  • Employment Verification

    Posted by Payroll at 10/1/2016

    Are you buying or refinancing a home? Need a car loan? Direct your lender to use The Work Number to obtain verification of your employment/salary.  Tell your lender the code for AACPS is 10599.  Instructions are available.  There is also a handy flyer.   

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  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse

    Posted by HR Investigations at 9/1/2016

    AACPS has a Fraud, Waste and Abuse reporting hotline number that employees and citizens of Anne Arundel County can call to report potential instances where they believe fraud, waste or abuse of AACPS property or resources is taking place. The toll free fraud hotline number is 877-453-6681. It can be reached 24 hours a day. All calls are confidential and can be made anonymously.

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