Recording and Posting of Google Meet Instructional Learning Blocks

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    In an effort to provide all students with learning support after virtual learning hours have ended each day, we are going to be recording each instructional learning block daily. Teachers will post the recordings in the students’ Google Classroom at the end of each day, allowing for students to use the recordings for learning review and academic support after hours.  Teachers will post this information in each of their Google Classrooms and they will announce to all students live in Google Meet when the recording of each instructional block will begin and end. 

    The learning block recordings will be available to students for 2 weeks in the students’ Google Classrooms and after that time, they will be archived electronically for the remainder of the semester when they will be destroyed.  During the semester, the recordings can be requested to be used by a student who was absent or used by the teacher with students for content review purposes. At no time are the recordings allowed outside the Google Classroom environment.  Individual recordings will only be accessible by students who are enrolled members of the class; recordings will not be in the public domain.

    Ideally, student engagement is increased when students have their cameras and microphones active during an instructional lesson.  As parent/guardian, you will be asked to provide your written permission regarding recording of your student’s video image and/or voice during the teacher recording of our daily instructional learning blocks.  Note: If you elect not to have your student’s video image or voice recorded, the teacher will be notified by Anne Arundel County Public Schools and will notify your student to turn off their camera and/or mute their microphone before recording begins. The teacher will also actively turn your student’s microphone off as well, if they do not or are not able to do so for any reason. 

    NOTE 1:  Teachers will NOT be recording daily Circle Time, Building Community, and Community Meeting blocks.

    NOTE 2:  Students who do not have written (electronic) parent/guardian permission to use their microphone during class, will not be able to ask questions or contribute to classroom discussions verbally until the recorded lesson has ended. They may ask questions and contribute via text using the chat feature at the secondary level.

Parent/Guardian Permission Form 

  • RECORDING & POSTING UPDATE: As of 3/8/21, teachers have been given the option to record and post their recorded lessons for two days at a time, instead of on a daily basis. Their lessons for Monday and Tuesday must be posted by the end of the day on Monday while their lessons for Thursday and Friday must be posted by Thursday afternoon. The lessons may be short summary lessons, but they must cover any new material offered during the targeted instructional days.

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Mandatory Reporting

  • Please Read: The clear intent of recording the instructional lessons during learning block time daily is to provide a resource for students to use for learning support and review purposes after the class period is over. Only students in each classroom will be able to view the posted recordings from their classrooms. Students can view, but not download the recordings. All recordings will be available for 2 weeks and then moved to an archive that is inaccessible unless a formal request is made of the classroom teacher by a student (or guardian on behalf of a student) enrolled in the class.

    No Unauthorized Recording Permitted

    Please remember that virtual classrooms are no different than brick and mortar classrooms where student privacy must be respected and upheld. AACPS has guidance for teachers on the proper recording of lessons on this site.  Such recordings are not meant for personal nor public consumption beyond each classroom and the students enrolled in each classroom via Google Classroom. Parents or guardians who may be present in the home when their student is participating in virtual learning are not authorized by AACPS to record the virtual lessons. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated for the safety and integrity of our school community.