What Is Triple E?

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    Triple E Program Overview (English)

    Triple E Program Overview (Spanish)

    Triple E Program Community Connections

    The elementary school Triple E classroom provides a fun environment that promotes learning through trial and error. It serves as a launching pad for students to explore different subjects through the lens of the Triple E themes—Arts & Humanities, STEM in Society, Global Studies, and World Culture & Language with a focus on formative assessment and feedback. Regardless of the theme, this program is designed to spark creativity and teaches students to approach problems with an open mind. Each theme focuses on an avenue for exploration:

    • Arts & Humanities theme uses dance, music, theater and visual art to explore problems
    • Global Studies theme brings world issues to the elementary school classroom giving students the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of responsibility
    • World Culture and Language theme introduce students to people and places from around the world through fun projects and experiences
    • STEM in Society encourages students to become inventors and innovators