• Parents may choose to educate their children at home, rather than enrolling them in a traditional public or private school.  AACPS supports home instruction in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations known as COMAR.  Use the link to the Notification Form below if you intend to withdraw your child from AACPS and begin home instruction.

    Families who choose to formally home school must follow the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) for Home Instruction. Information about formal or traditional home instruction and COMAR can be found here.  It is important to know that students who are home instructed are not earning grades, credits, promotions or a diploma.

    Home Instruction Notification Form

    NOTE: ONLY for students NEW to Home Instruction. Do not submit a form for students continuing Home Instruction from last year unless you are changing supervision.






  • Mother and father teaching their three children at home with workbooks, computer, globe and additional school supplies.

    The ABCs of State Requirements for Home Instruction

    1. Parents must notify the local public school system of their decision to home-school each student. 

    2. Students must receive regular, thorough instruction from the parent in each of the following subjects:
      • Reading/Language arts
      • Mathematics
      • Social Studies
      • Science
      • Art
      • Music
      • Physical Education
      • Health (May be incorporated through science or physical education)  
      • Students at the secondary level may substitute alternative electives of choice for art, music, and physical education.

    3. Home instruction must be supervised, either by the local public school system or by a private organization approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

    Additional Educational Opportunities Through Programs of Choice

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools offers a variety of Magnet, Charter, and Contract schools to provide students a variety of educational choices.  These programs are available to families who reside in Anne Arundel County only. For further details, including brochures, videos, program requirements, and how to apply, please go to www.aacps.org/magnet.




  • Portfolio Review Form

    This form must be downloaded into a program that reads pdfs, such as Adobe Reader or PDF Expert.  Only then will the form be fillable. The password/lock field at the top of the form is for the reviewers only. You will be able to fill out all needed sections without unlocking. After you have filled out the form, please rename it with your child’s name and save it as an original (not flattened) pdf. This will allow us to open your form and work with it, when you send it to us during your virtual review.

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