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What is Curriculum Share Across Maryland?

  • All school systems  want and need to build and implement high quality preK-12 curricula for their schools. Curriculum Share Across Maryland is designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our curricular development and implementation by joining together across counties to design curricula, work collaboratively to craft assessments, share quality curricular materials that have already been vetted or piloted, and share our ideas and thoughts regarding Materials of Instruction (MOI) and texts to support our curricula. 

    This website serves as the vehicle for curriculum writers across the state to join one another to plan to write, edit, and pilot preK-12 curricula.

Ready to Share?

  • Curriculum Share Across Maryland is a secure site designed in the cloud on Office 365.

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  • For questions about the Curriculum Share Across Maryland initiative:

    Maureen McMahon, PhD
    Deputy Superintendent of Academic & Strategic Initiatives, AACPS
    410-222-5304 x1

    Michele Batten
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

    Mary Tillar
    Assistant Superintendent for Advanced Studies & Programs

    For technical questions about accessing the portal:

    Lauren Grey-Hawkins
    Business & Communication Specialist, AACPS