What is College & Career Readiness (CCR)?

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    Anne Arundel County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all AACPS students graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in entry-level college coursework and the demands of the 21st century workplace. Each student will participate in an appropriate and engaging educational program that not only leads to a high school diploma, but also to success in college, career, and civic life.

    Students will develop academic skills and content knowledge so that they qualify for and succeed in entry-level credit-bearing post-secondary coursework without the need for remediation.  Academic and content knowledge, however is only part of the skill set that students need to gain in order to be college and career-ready.  Throughout their academic careers, students will also need to develop higher-order thinking strategies that support problem-solving and reasoning; social and emotional awareness; knowledge about and the ability to access and use resources for making decisions about life after high school; and employability and life skills, such as communication, time management, creativity, and collaboration skills.


  • For questions about the Accuplacer Support Modules in English and Mathematics:

    Ruth Goldstraw
    Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics

    Alison Delaney
    Coordinator of High School English

    For questions about AACPS College and Career Counseling:

    Susan Love
    Coordinator of High School Counseling

    For questions about AACPS Career-Ready Programs:

    Ryan Sackett
    Coordinator of Career Technology Education

    For basic questions about AACPS College and Career-Readiness or about this site:

    Shannon M. Pugh, Ed.D.
    Director of Community and School Programming