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    During the 2020-2021 school year, we will be using i-Ready for Grades K-8 to determine our student's strengths and needs in reading and math and to provide a personalized individual learning path for students to work through during homework and asynchronous learning time. This personalized path will allow students to get support with any content/skills that students need to review as well as content/skills both on grade level and above grade level.


    i-Ready includes a Diagnostic Tool that will measure student strengths and needs in September/October and then again in February and June. To learn more about i-Ready, please click on the i-Ready link on the left.  







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    Assessment of and for student learning is a valuable component of the teaching and learning cycle. Throughout the school year, your student will take a variety of assessments -- classroom quizzes and tests, district assessments, performance-based assessments, assessments to use for placement and ability grouping, state assessments, and national assessments.




  • Questions about teacher or school-made classroom assessments? Contact the teacher or principal of the school you need. 

    Questions about AACPS assessments, policy, or processes related to district and quarterly assessments?

    Nicole Howard
    Manager of Academics -- Assessments