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  • Child disembarking from school bus

    Bus Schedules

    Bus schedules are posted here. Please contact your school if you need more information regarding bus schedules/routes.

    About our Bus Drivers 

    Prospective school bus drivers are trained and approved for service by our driver training staff.  Instruction includes both classroom and behind the wheel training. Behind-the-wheel training takes place in a standard school bus. For those driver trainees lacking the required Commercial Driver’s License, the training session is complete upon acquisition of the license from the Motor Vehicle Administration.

    Each new driver receives a minimum of 25 hours of training, however, training time may often exceed 30 hours. 12 hours alone are devoted to classroom instruction.

    All approved and certified school bus drivers possess a Commercial Driver’s License, and are subject to United States Department of Transportation physical condition rules and substance abuse regulations.

    Students Eligible for Transportation

    Transportation from established bus stops is provided to:

    • Pre-kindergarten students who live within the school's attendance area and reside in excess of one-half mile from the assigned school.
    • Kindergarten students who live within the school's attendance area and reside in excess of one-half mile from the assigned school.
    • All other elementary school students who live within the school's attendance area and reside more than one mile from their assigned schools.
    • All middle and high school students who reside more than one-and-one-half miles from their assigned school by the nearest accessible route.





  • Transportation Division
    410-923-7890 or

    Sharon Whitcher
    Administrative Specialist

    Eligible Bus Riders

    AACPS has established the following policy and regulation regarding bus transportation of students

    Exceptional Transportation

    When exceptions to bus transportation arrangements are needed, you must complete an Exceptional Transportation Request form five working days prior to the date the exceptional transportation is expected to begin.  These forms must be obtained from the school office.  All forms are conditionally approved by the principal of the school and then forwarded to the Transportation Division for final approval.

    For exceptional transportation requests pertaining to a students medical condition the Exceptional Transportation Request Form must be submitted with a note from your physician outlining the students medical condition(s) and all restrictions including sports programs and gym participation limitations and the nursing assesment application filled out by the school nurse. Once Transportation receives all of this information a determination can be made.