• Contract being signed Welcome to the Purchasing Office for AACPS. Please explore our site then contact us with further questions. We look forward to doing business with you.


    The Purchasing Office is still operating, but with limited staffing.  Please check "Current Bid Solicitations" to monitor changes to bid due dates or pre-bid meetings.  All questions can be directed to purchasing@aacps.org.

    Public access to the Central Office Building is strictly limited.  Please call or email the Purchasing Office well in advance to make an appointment to hand deliver a bid.   

     **Due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, bid openings will not be open to the public.  Bid openings will be recorded live and available to view on the Purchasing web page as soon as practicable after the bids are opened (est. one business day).  You may get the results sooner by requesting the bid tabulation sheet via email to purchasing@aacps.org. Please reference the RFB number and the project title when making the request. 




  • AACPS comprises 128 schools and more than 85,000 students. The operating budget for FY 2020 is more than $1.2 billion.  The Board of Education and the Superintendent have authorized the Supervisor of Purchasing to award Achievement of Excellence In Procurement 2020 Award Winner

    contracts for services, construction, maintenance, commodities and equipment, leases, and architectural/engineering services.  The Board must approve most contracts exceeding $100,000. This flexibility allows us to quickly respond t

    o the needs of our schools.  All qualified businesses are encouraged to bid on AACPS contracts.  

    Please complete our Vendor Survey here.  

    Bidding on projects with MBE goals 

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