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    AACPS Athletics

  • The Athletic Program in our county is viewed as an extension of the child's total educational experience. Interscholastic athletics is a program for those who would like to pursue the challenges as well as the benefits of sports.

    The program provides numerous challenges for students. Students have equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of the athletic program and are encouraged to excel in their chosen activities.

    The interscholastic program is offered in all high schools.  Each year the Office of Athletics in conjunction with Athletic Directors put together points of emphasis for AACPS athletic community for the entire school year.  


    Student-athlete attestation for the winter season is due by Monday, November 29th

    If you make a team after the 29th, complete the attestation as soon as possible.

    Click here for directions on how to complete the AACPS Student-athlete Attestation.”


    Click here for the Student-athlete Attestation Portal


    Athletics Vaccination or Testing Program FAQ

    Winter Sports Spectators information press release





    2021-22 Points of Emphasis:

    • Sportmanship
    • Building Inclusive Team Cultures

    8/4/2021- Dr. Arlotto announces new masking and other protocols

    Upcoming Season Start Dates

    Winter 2021- November 15
    Spring 2022- March 1
    Fall 2022- August 10

    • Registration and tryout information is managed by each high school.  Student-athletes and families should reach out to their school’s athletic department for more information.

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