• The Anne Arundel County Public Schools Science Program provides students with the opportunity to do independent or team research. It is the vision of the Office of Science that scientific inquiry – combined with content – becomes the true expression of science and is essential to science education. As students engage in scientific inquiry, they learn that science is more than a set of facts or discrete content areas; it is a way of perceiving, interpreting and understanding the world around them. When students do the work of scientists, they become highly engaged, curious and motivated to find answers and solve problems.

    The Science course trajectory utilizes a systems approach to study science and scientific principles. Students conduct laboratory investigations and engage in real world projects to understand and solve problems and/or improve design as scientists and engineers. They engage in scientific practices and engineering principles to develop deeper understandings of numerous topics in science. “The insights thus gained help students recognize that the work of scientists and engineers is a creative endeavor—one that has deeply affected the world they live in.”




Our Vision & Mission

  • "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  - Helen Keller



    • Science instruction in Anne Arundel County Public Schools will empower students to become a community of innovators who ask questions, solve problems, and change the world.



    • The Anne Arundel County Public Schools Office of Science will deliver engaging, rigorous, inquiry-based science instruction that ignites students’ natural curiosity about their world. We will prepare them to be well-informed, scientifically literate, and innovative global citizens by teaching them how to collaboratively identify and solve real-world problems, interpret their results, and clearly communicate their conclusions.