• AACPS offers a Pre-K-12 program in Physical Education which complies with National and Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requirements to create programs of study that encompass the whole child.


    Elementary School (Grades K-5)
    The Physical Education Program at the elementary level provides 5 required themes, which include Basic Movement, Dance & Rhythms, Manipulatives, Ball Handling, and Fitness.  Supplemental themes include Track & Field, Climbing Wall, Orienteering, and Hoops to name a few.

    Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    All students in grades six, seven, and eight will be scheduled for Physical Education for a minimum of 45 days each year.  The aim of the Physical Education program is to provide students with developmentally and instructionally appropriate activities that promote a physically active lifestyle. The fitness-based program focuses on the whole child and includes cognitive, affective, and psychomotor components while incorporating various activities to include dance and rhythm, individual performances, outdoor/lifetime pursuits, and games and sports. The physical education environment is supportive of all students and promotes the development of a positive self-image and, a respect for others.

    High School (Grades 9-12)
    Physical Education presents information that challenges students to improve personal fitness levels and to participate in individual and team activities. Physical Education classes provide opportunities for students to .improve lifelong health, fitness, and activity-related skills.  All courses focus on the development and the maintenance of a healthy and actively fit individual. Physical Education is an essential component in the education of the whole child by linking cognitive knowledge to physical activity and social interaction.  View additional information about requirements for graduation. 

    The State of Maryland requires all K-12 grade students to have access to Physical Education. However, there are modifications that can be made based on physical limitations or medical conditions of the student. The unique and specific needs of individuals with disabilities may require accommodations and strategies to provide effective instruction in Physical Education.

    Adapted Physical Education (APE) services support students when participating in general Physical Education with established curricula whenever appropriate. The APE Resource Teacher supports the general Physical Education teacher in developing programs in order to meet the unique needs of each student. The resource teacher may also work directly with identified students with disabilities when deemed appropriate.

    If a student has a medical condition that may require accommodations in physical education, please share the  AACPS Physical Assessment Form with the student's specialist or physician so that an Individualized Physical Education Action Plan may be created for the student to safely and successfully participate in physical education. 

    All students are expected to wear appropriate attire during physical education classes for the purpose of ensuring the safety and hygiene of each participant. This practice continues to be an important component of the physical education program.


  • Christiana Walsh
    Coordinator - Health, Physical Education, & Dance

    Amy Falls
    Adapted Physical Education Resource Teacher

    Meghan Bellarin
    Elementary Physical Education Resource Teacher

    Nicholas Klug
    Secondary Physical Education Teacher Specialist

    Deborah Marcus
    Adapted Physical Education Teacher Specialist

    Haydee Traver
    Administrative Assistant - Health, Physical Education, & Dance

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