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    Music is a unique and powerful form of communication that transcends the limits of verbal expression. It involves and affects both thought and emotion and makes a unique contribution to the growth and development of children and society as a whole.

    Each student has an inherent need to develop avenues for self-expression and communication.  It is the goal of AACPS to provide a program which ensures that all students have access to a program where they can learn to value music through the acquisition of skills, knowledge and concepts.  A foundation should be formed for a lifetime of musical experiences and growth.    


    5/15/2020 Latest Updates: 2020 AACPS Summer Music Camp

    Hello Camp Families,

    We hope that your families are healthy, starting to adjust to the new normal of eLearning, and that you're finding some silver linings in these challenging times. At this time, decision makers in AACPS are in the process of making a determination regarding the status of all AACPS camps, including music camp, and a decision is expected to be made soon. In light of that fact, we are asking you to proceed as follows in terms of paperwork and payments:


    • Please hold on to your payment/paperwork at this time. We will not penalize "late" payments/paperwork submissions and will have a new due date (the original date was May 29) for you soon. Right now, online payment is not available, and regular reception of mail is not feasible so we'd like to avoid any complications in mailing until we determine a viable solution.
    • If you already paid by check, that check has not been deposited as of yet. The timing of the shutdown happened before any checks could be deposited.
    • FYI: In the event camp is cancelled we anticipate that we would be able to refund you in full, but we don't know the time it would take to execute said refunds. Due to the nature of the school system shutdown, the refund process is much lengthier than normal. Our recommendation for you to hold payment is to potentially save you the headache of a lengthy refund process should camp be cancelled.


    We will let you know as soon as we hear of any clarifications as to the status of camp. Thanks for your patience in this big waiting game. We know a lot of kids have sustained a myriad of disappointments and that this is just one more item hanging in the balance right now. The leadership team is mindful and determined to work through this with you, whatever camp scenario presents itself this summer. Once a confirmation or cancellation decision is communicated from the Board, we will share more information as to how we plan on navigating that particular situation. Until then, please know that we are examining every option available while keeping the kids' welfare as our top priority.



    Carol Cox, Band Manager

    Kim McCollum, Orchestra Manager

    Nancy Wilson, Chorus Manager

    Jessica Valadie, Music Coordinator