AACPS Strategic Planning - The Next 5 Years

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    Forging a future that fully represents the needs and desires of students, Anne Arundel County Public Schools is embarking on the development of a new five-year Strategic Plan.   

    Anne Arundel County Public Schools is focusing it's goals on the important work of cultivating an environment where students, staff, and the community can belong, grow, and succeed. 

    AACPS has enlisted the consultation of Insight Education Group to facilitate the development of this new plan and is currently in the process of collecting feedback from parents/guardians, community members, business/organizational partners, and district employees on areas where the district will focus over the next five years. These ideas include possible priority areas for the district and will inform the development of AACPS’ next strategic plan. A separate student survey has also been distributed to students to gather their ideas and priorities for the future.  

    Developing a Roadmap

    Key Priorities/
    Developing a Roadmap

    A survey, sent out in October 2023, will establish a priority list for AACPS to be used for the next five years of planning.  Questions such as the characteristics graduates should have to ensure future success, and an open question about future hopes and dreams for Anne Arundel County Public Schools were included. 

    A Steering Committee comprised of approximately 50 individuals (employees, parents, principals, community members, student leaders) has begun its work (see below) and will be an integral part of the process as the plan is developed.

    This site will be updated on an ongoing basis as the Strategic Plan process continues. Please check back regularly.

        Please submit all inquiries and comments about the AACPS Strategic Plan to strategicplan@aacps.org 

  • The Work of the Steering Committee

    Steering Committee members serve as valuable partners during the strategic planning process by providing feedback and innovative ideas for developing a strategic plan that reflects a first-class, world-class school district.

    Approximately 65 individuals (employees, parents, principals, community members, student leaders) representing numerous facets of the county are participating in the Strategic Plan Steering Committee.

    List of Steering Committee Members

    Steering Committee members share ideas and solicit feedback from their larger group of constituents, resulting in a more robust and inclusive process. In addition to the Steering Committee, there will be multiple sources of engagement and feedback (surveys and focus groups). The Steering Committee will be responsible for analyzing feedback and providing suggestions for revisions based on trends in feedback data.  

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The Steering Committee’s role is to provide support and guidance in the development of the Strategic Plan. Steering Committee members:

    • Understand the elements and expected outcomes of the strategic plan;
    • Appreciate the plan’s significance for the district and community;
    • Be genuinely interested in the project and the outcomes that are intended; and
    • Be an advocate for the strategic plan by doing what they can to promote it.
    • Consider ideas and issues raised with an open mind;
    • Provide guidance to the superintendent and their team;
    • Help balance conflicting priorities and resources;
    • Foster positive communication outside task force meetings regarding the plan’s progress; and
    • Contribute to the process of developing the plan.

  • Steering Committee Meeting #1 - October 19, 2023

    At its initial meeting, the AACPS Strategic Plan Steering Committee focused on the following tasks:

    • Review the process and timeline for plan completion.
    • Understand the steering committee’s role in the process and the purpose of a strategic plan.
    • Understand the structural and content elements to inform the plan design.
    • Begin to develop foundational language for the plan. 

    Steering Committee Meeting #1 Presentation 10-19-2023

  • Steering Committee Meeting #2 - November 20, 2023

    At its second meeting, the AACPS Strategic Plan Steering Committee focused on the following tasks:

    • Review takeaways from the first meeting.
    • Refine and offer feedback on core values.
    • Examine feedback to inform considerations for 'Portrait of a Graduate' categories and draft Vision statements.
    • Brainstorm ideas for district mission.

    Steering Committee Meeting #2 Presentation 11-20-2023

  • Steering Committee Meeting #3 - December 14, 2023

    At its third meeting, the AACPS Strategic Plan Steering Committee focused on the following tasks:

    • Review takeaways from the second meeting.
    • Revisit and refine Core Values, Portrait of a Graduate, and Vision.
    • Review ideas about district mission and develop draft statements.

    Steering Committee Meeting #3 Presentation 12-14-2023

  • Steering Committee Meeting #4 - February 6, 2024

    At its fourth meeting, the AACPS Strategic Plan Steering Committee focused on the following tasks:

    • Finalized input for language for Core Beliefs, Vision, Mission, and Portrait of a Student.
    • Developed a draft list of priorities for the next five years.

    Steering Committee Meeting #4 Presentation 2-6-2024