• Dr. Bedell's Listening and Learning Tour - Online Feed

  • Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Bedell hosted a series of Listening and Learning Tour sessions across the county at 16 schools. Residents from around Anne Arundel County – whether they have a student in Anne Arundel County Public Schools or not - were invited to attend any session and provide their thoughts on a variety of topics related to the school system. County citizens, including parents, students, AACPS employees, business partners, and interested stakeholders who attended contributed their voices which have been included in the responses gathered and the data presented on this website.

    Community members provided their responses to 3 focus questions:

    1. What would you say that AACPS does well, and what would you like to see us continue to do?
    2. What would you like to see AACPS do better or eliminate all together?
    3. What new things would you like to see in AACPS?

    If you were not able to attend one of these sessions, here is your chance to contribute your thoughts and ideas to AACPS! View a video of one of the sessions (Southern High School) on this page. Results from all input, including online input collected here will be included at www.aacps.org/listeninglearning.