• #BePresent - A Community/School Partnership

  • "Every Child You Pass in the Hall Has a Story That Needs to Be Heard. Maybe You Are the One to Hear It."

    - Bethany Hill

  • BePresent Overview


    What does

    Expectations & Guidelines

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    #BePresent is a community/school partnership designed to increase and improve community relationships within schools. Mentors and volunteers will assist school-based staff and administration with ensuring a safe and orderly school environment by being present during the school day. Mentors and volunteers are invited to have a greater presence in schools as a way to enhance relationships and make school operations safer and more efficient. #BePresent is a community-wide effort that includes:

    • Individuals
    • Family Members
    • Civic and Faith Groups
    • Business Leaders
    • School Alumni

    NOTE:  #BePresent is a pilot program at the following schools:  Annapolis High, Annapolis Middle, Glen Burnie High, Lindale Middle, Meade High, North County High, Northeast High, Old Mill Middle North, Phoenix Academy, South River High, MacArthur Middle. The number of schools will be expanded.....

  • What Would I Be Expected to Do at a School?

    Although each school has unique needs, some possible activities might include:

    • helping with arrival and dismissal
    • assisting staff during lunch and recess
    • being present in hallways during class changes
    • supporting specific programs/activities
    • mentoring a student or small group of students
    • reading with a student

    Please know that you will not be expected to teach or discipline students in any way.

  • Why should I Volunteer?

    Being a volunteer...

    • Allows you to give back!
    • Helps improve self-worth!
    • Improves listening and leadership skills!
    • Volunteering contributes to the vitality and capacity building of the community.