• "Every Child You Pass in the Hall Has a Story That Needs to Be Heard. Maybe You Are the One to Hear It."

    - Bethany Hill

  • BePresent Overview


    What does

    Expectations & Guidelines

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    #BePresent is a community/school partnership designed to increase and improve community relationships within schools. Mentors and volunteers will assist school-based staff and administration with ensuring a safe and orderly school environment by being present during the school day. Mentors and volunteers are invited to have a greater presence in schools as a way to enhance relationships and make school operations safer and more efficient. #BePresent is a community-wide effort that includes:

    • Individuals
    • Family Members
    • Civic and Faith Groups
    • Business Leaders
    • School Alumni

    NOTE:  #BePresent Volunteers /Mentors can sign-up to serve in all AACPS schools at all levels. 

  • What Would I Be Expected to Do at a School?

    Although each school has unique needs, some possible activities might include:

    • helping with arrival and dismissal
    • assisting staff during lunch and recess
    • being present in hallways during class changes
    • supporting specific programs/activities
    • mentoring a student or small group of students
    • reading with a student

    Please know that you will not be expected to teach or discipline students in any way.

  • Why should I Volunteer?

    Being a volunteer...

    • Allows you to give back!
    • Helps improve self-worth!
    • Improves listening and leadership skills!
    • Volunteering contributes to the vitality and capacity building of the community.