Virtual Learning @ AACPS - Whole School

  • Online SchoolWhen the number of COVID-positive cases of students and staff in any one school reaches 5%, then the Anne Arundel County Department of Health (DOH) reviews the school’s case data to better understand the virus transmission trends.  Upon evaluation of the data, the DOH  decides if a classroom, grade, cohort, team or whole school needs to be moved from in-person to virtual learning.

    This website provides resources for student and staff use if a whole school is moved to virtual learning.  Students will be expected to log on daily for live synchronous instruction with their classroom teachers. We have adjusted the daily virtual schedules to allow for morning and afternoon breaks.  Those who would like to pick up breakfast and lunch for their students can register to do so.


  • Please contact your specific school for any additional questions you may have related to Whole School Virtual Learning support.