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    This November, AACPS parents and guardians will be able to use a new tool, Brightspace for Families, to help their students succeed.

    This exciting system will be easy to access, simple to use and provide a more in-depth look into their student's performance.

    Features include dynamic dashboards where families can track student progress; communication tools to support school-family connections and easy access to lessons, assignments, and assessed work/grades.

    We are going slow to go fast with Brightspace.  During September and October of 2021 our students and teachers are learning to use Brightspace.  At the beginning of Quarter 2 in November, families – parents and guardians - will receive their invitations to join the Brightspace community. 

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Family FAQs

  • What is Brightspace?

    Brightspace is a learning management system (LMS) that teachers and students use for online teaching and learning. Brightspace is a multimedia environment designed to support all aspects of learning.  Features include dynamic learning dashboards where students, families, and teachers can track student engagement and achievement; communication tools to support teacher-student-family connection and interaction; and easy access to lessons, assignments, learning resources, and assessed work/grades. This video provides a helpful explanation.

    Students and teachers are using Brightspace as a part of their daily classroom experience now. Parents and guardians will be able to access the Brightspace for Families tool in November 2021.

  • What is Brightspace for Families?

    Coming in November 2021: Brightspace for Families is an easy and secure way for teachers to share information with parents and guardians. Once launched, parents will be able to log in at any time, as well as receive weekly emails with the latest information on their student(s). Parents will quickly be able to see what assignments are coming due, the latest news from the classroom, examples of their child’s work, check out recent assignment grades and review feedback. Parents will get insight into what is happening in the classroom and have the information they need to help their student reach their potential.

    This video will introduce you to Brightspace for Families.

    Stay tuned for training videos on how to use Brightspace for Families closer to November 1.

  • How can Brightspace for Families help me monitor my student’s work?

    Watch this video to see how easy it is to view upcoming and overdue assignments, grades, teacher feedback, and other key information to help you help your student succeed. In addition, Brightspace allows you to sign up for weekly emails which will send key information about upcoming or overdue assignments and recent grades right to your email inbox.

  • I have multiple children in grades 1 – 12 who attend AACPS. Can I have access to all their accounts under just one username and password?

    Yes – once you are logged in with your family account (coming in November), you will easily be able to see each of your children’s information from the same dashboard.

  • Will the PowerSchool Parent Portal be going away?

    PowerSchool Parent Portal is NOT going away. Your PowerSchool Parent Portal account will still provide you with the big picture of your student’s overall performance. You will continue to use it to see cumulative grades for each course, past report cards, attendance information and to email your student’s teachers.

  • I already use PowerSchool - why should I sign on to Brightspace for Families?

    PowerSchool and Brightspace for Families actually work together to provide more complete information to help parents and guardians support their students. PowerSchool provides a summarized overview of a student's grades while Brightspace for Families provides current and more in-depth information about your child’s assignments and class status.

    Brightspace for Families

    • Shows upcoming assignments

    • Shows rubrics for assignments

    • Flags overdue assignments

    • Can send weekly emails with upcoming & overdue assignments and other key information

    • Gives access to student’s submitted work and teacher feedback

    • Shares teacher announcements and discussions


    • Shows final grades for class assignments

    • Shows cumulative and final class grades

    • Shows past report card grades

    • Provides links to teacher emails

    • Provides attendance data

  • What if I do not have a computer or access to the internet at home?

    You can log into Brightspace for Families on any device - including your Smartphone!

  • How do I sign up for weekly emails?

    Coming in November 2021: Once you have logged in to your Brightspace for Families dashboard, select your name in the top right corner of the screen. Under Notifications, you will be able to input an email address and request weekly email notifications.

  • Can I login in to ClassLink and Brightspace for Families from my student’s Chromebook?

    You cannot use an AACPS student Chromebook to access your ClassLink and Brightspace for Families accounts.

  • Is there a Brightspace for Families mobile app?

    No. Although there IS a free Brightspace app (called PULSE) available, it was created for student use and you will not be able to access your family dashboard if you try to sign in with it.

  • Whom should I contact if I have a question about access and logging into Brightspace for Families?

    Once Brightspace for Families is launched (November 2021), AACPS staff will be able to support you. At this time, families are not able to access Brightspace for Families.