Educational Holiday Ideas

  • This site is designed to give you some ideas for vacation adventures and holiday presents that all in the family could enjoy.  These ideas are not only entertaining, but have educational value as well. 

    In many cases, the present or adventure components are inexpensive and can be combined with other small items in addition to the directions found on this site to create a wonderful gift or experience for children of various ages along with their families.


    Deck of Playing Cards


                    Games using Playing Cards

                                    Below you will find several games that use playing cards along with rules for playing.  These games support social interaction, turn-taking, conversation, and mathematics skills and concepts (counting, grouping, adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, and pattern finding)

                                    Go Fish

                                                    (post rules here)


                                                    (post rules here)

                                    Crazy Eights

                                                    (post rules here)



                    Games using Dominoes  (Donna:  please do the same for dominoes as you did for Playing Cards)



    Pick Up Sticks

                    Games using Pick Up Sticks  (Donna:  please do the same for pick-up sticks as you did for Playing Cards)




    Number Cubes (Dice)

                    Please find some games such as Yahtzee and others to put here.


    Scavenger Hunts

                    Please find some cool scavenger hunts that kids can do inside or outside the house (primary, intermediate, middle school, and high school levels)