Stress and the Brain: Developing Resilient Kids -
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    The theme for this conference is Stress and the Brain: Developing Resilient Kids.

    Guest speaker, Erin Walsh, is a parent, speaker, and educator, who co-authored the 10th Anniversary Edition of the national bestseller Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen.

    It is no surprise to anyone living through the COVID-19 pandemic that kids and adults alike are experiencing a great deal of stress. Whether it is uncertainty, upset routines, economic insecurity or lack of social support, the list of stressors is long and varied. The challenge is that children and teens often express stress through challenging behaviors. We know that too much stress impacts health and shapes the brain’s developing architecture. Yet learning how to handle appropriate stress is a healthy and normal part of development. Learn more about the brain science of stress and explore ways to respond that build your family’s resilience instead of eroding it. 


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