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Severn River Middle School

Severn River

Who We Are: Our Community and School Culture

  • Each of our schools’ leadership teams analyzed the factors that impact their students’ ability to engage deeply and achieve academic success. They shared stories of their students and families, some of whom are facing serious challenges associated with physical wellness, social-emotional stability, unique learning needs, family security, mental health, violence, and food/housing uncertainties. They discussed the obstacles that their students face daily when preparing to come to school on time, ready to learn.

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    Questions such as the following drove discussions around Anne Arundel County: 

    • What are the challenges and obstacles that negatively affect our students’ engagement and achievement most significantly and why?
    • Are we analyzing our data and listening closely to learn about all of our students when we seek to understand our learners’ social-emotional and academic struggles?
    • How do cultural differences, language challenges, transportation difficulties, health problems, and frequent family relocation (mobility) serve as obstacles to school success for our students?
    • What resources and supports are available within AACPS and across our county to support students and families in need?  How do we help our families receive the supports they need?

Our School Culture

  • Below is the school’s story as seen through the eyes of school leaders. They discuss the culture of their school and the community.

    Overlook Elementary is an authorized International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) World School. We teach students through transdisciplinary concept-based teaching. As an IB PYP school, Overlook teaches the whole child through the 12 Learner Profile Attributes. As part of the IB PYP experience, Overlook students are exposed to the German language and world cultures. We celebrate diversity within our school and the world. Overlook Elementary is a community school located in Linthicum, Maryland. We serve approximately 390 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade. Our student population has grown tremendously over the past 10 years since 2008 when we had approximately 210 students. As our student population is growing, we are becoming a diverse school that is reflective of our community. Our diverse student population consists of students who speak other languages other than English. We are also a Targeted Title I school where we receive additional staff and resources to provide support to our students. Additionally, Overlook has a passionate staff who is committed to helping all students achieve.

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    Our values were developed by our staff in order to guide our future decision making. We value the following: • Preparing our students for a diverse, global world where they take action to make a difference • Creating community partnerships and relationships • Developing relationships to learn the stories of our students and staff • Providing engaging instruction to meet the needs of all our of students • Developing the whole child to support emotional, social, and and academic growth

    While Overlook has a strong community base, we strive to increase our community involvement in academics by providing informational sessions and school-wide activities to engage all stakeholders.


  • The leadership team in each AACPS school reviewed all of the factors that may influence their students’ engagement and achievement in school; these challenges include academic data elements, community history, and socio-economic aspects of each community. The school’s leadership team identified the following elements as impactful for their students.


Principal's Annual Summary*

  • This reflection will include a discussion of data and progress related to the Strategic Plan Indicators on which the school has been focused.

    *This year’s statement will be completed by July 2019.