Financial Operations

  • Financial Operations consists of the offices of Budget, Finance, Purchasing, Third-Party Billing and Single Textbook Adoption.

    These offices are responsible for the overall management of the school district’s fiscal and enterprise resources including budgeting, accounting, receiving, and expending of funds for all government appropriations, grants, enterprise funds, and internal service funds.


    • Manage the fiscal resources of the school district to increase the capacity of the school system to achieve its goals of:
    • Academic Achievement
    • Safe and Orderly Environment
    • Community Collaboration
    • Coordinate the activities of the offices of Budget, Finance, Purchasing, and Third Party Billing to maximize the use of the financial resources of AACPS.
    • Establish processes, procedures, and benchmarks to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of these organizational functions.


  • Office of Budget icon

    Budget supports the financial, staff planning and management efforts of the school system.

        Office of Finance icon
    Finance supports the instructional and business programs of the school system by handling financial reports and risk management, among other tasks.

      Single Textbook Adoption icon

    The Single Textbook Adoption program (instructional materials) ensures equity in resources to all students and schools and consistency in training to staff. 


  • Office of Purchasing icon

    Purchasing delivers quality procurement services to support student achievement. 

      Office of Third-Party Billing icon

    Third-Party Billing optimizes revenue to ensure that the Medicaid program is in compliance with State and Federal regulations.