Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Group
  • What is the Superintendent's Teacher Advisory?

    The Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Group is designed to offer Unit I employees the opportunity to bring topics and issues of concern to the Superintendent’s attention as well as offer the Superintendent a vehicle to seek teacher and counselor feedback on policies, programs, or practices currently in place or proposed for implementation in the future.  

    What does the Advisory Group Do? 

    The Advisory Group meets monthly during the school year. At each meeting the group shares ideas, proposes solutions to challenges, seeks feedback on hot issues, and provides examples of best-practices from our schools. 

    This site is designed to provide information and resources for members of the Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Group. Meet this year's group.




  • For questions about the Superintendent's Teacher Advisory Group, please contact: 

    Dr. Maureen McMahon
    Deputy Superintendent of Academic & Strategic Initiatives
    410-222-5304 x1