• The STEM High School Magnet Program provides students with real-world experiences grounded in both the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as well as a whole-child approach to student learning and development. By holding empathy (often referred to as the "silent E" in STEM) as a core value, STEM becomes a human-centered experience based on building meaningful relationships. 

    Students can choose between our conventional STEM program (offered at North County & South River high schools) or our more focused STEM Bio-Medical program (offered exclusively at Glen Burnie High School).  Both programs utilize project-based learning and leverage relationships with community partners to immerse students in authentic problems and real-world application. Students will refine their critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills to prepare them for leadership roles within their school and community.

    All STEM students will actively participate in a variety of STEM requirements ranging from engaging coursework such as Community Challenge & Senior Capstone to an array of rich, authentic experiences such as job shadowing, internships, and summer of service. By creating an intellectually rigorous & truly demanding environment, our STEM programs produce confident minds who succeed in college classrooms and workplaces around the world. 

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