Meade Middle School -  AVID school


About Our School

  • Meade Middle School is equipped with a video camera system.  It covers selected interior and exterior public portions of the building and grounds.  It is NOT monitored constantly, but it is monitored during emergency situations.  During certain events, when the safety or security of students may be in question, authorized personnel from local, state, or federal police or fire emergency units may be given access to view images projected on the camera system.  If you have any questions about the system, you should call the Supervisor of School Security at (410) 222-5083.


    Meade Middle School is an academic institution dedicated to ensuring the success of all of our scholars. We are a restorative practice school and believe in creating an atmosphere where all students, staff, and families feel connected and valued within the school building.











  • Hours: 9:15 AM - 3:55 PM
    Grades Served:   6th-8th
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