Lindal Middle School - AEMI, STEM, PLTW, and AVID school


  • Hours: 9:15 AM - 3:55 PM
    Grades Served:   6th-8th

About Our School


     To Inspire A Passion For Learning


     Lindale Middle School, with cooperation and support from family and community, commits to creating an enthusiastic environment that nurtures character, curiosity, empathy, collaboration, and high academic and behavioral expectations to prepare students to be career and college ready.


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  • Absence or Early Dismissal Request

    Utilizing the web-based Parent Portal application or mobile app, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will have the opportunity to submit an absence note or early dismissal request online via the Parent Portal. 

    Click here for the instructions: Parent Portal Directions ENGLISH

    Utilizando la aplicación Parent Portal basada en la web o la aplicación móvil, el/los Padre(s)/Tutor(es) tendrán la oportunidad de enviar una nota de ausencia o una solicitud de salida temprana en línea a través de Parent Portal

    Haz clic aquí para las instrucciones: Instrucciones de Parent Portal en ESPAÑOL.

  • Vaccine Requirements

    Vaccine Requirements

  • School Uniform Policy

    School Uniform Policy

    Visual Examples of Uniform Policy

  • Parent Portal

    The Student/Parent Portal provides online access to student schedules, attendance, assignments, class grades, as well as report card grades. This allows parents/guardians to monitor students in grades 1 through 12 progress to monitor student achievement. Students in grades 6 through 12 also have access to the student friendly version of the Parent Portal.  If you have not created and account, please follow the link.


  • Electronic Policies

    Electronic Policies

  • North County/Glen Burnie Local Resources

    The North County/Glen Burnie resource website created by the school social workers is now live.

    This website offers local resources to the North County and Glen Burnie high school feeders to include food, housing, financial concerns, mental and physical health, clothing, substance use, and grandparent supports. It also offers resource supports for our Spanish speakers.

    "You Are Not Alone" flyer

  • Student & Young Adult Coping Guide during COVID-19

    Click here to download the Student and Young Adult Resource Guide for Coping during COVID-19