• Public comment is taken by the Board of Education at all regularly scheduled meetings. The Board is holding virtual meetings while schools are shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

    To ensure the opportunity for public input during the public portion of the meeting, the Board will accept written public comment for those items that appear on the agenda. Such comment can be sent via email to or dropped off at the Parham Building, located at 2644 Riva Road in Annapolis, beginning on the Friday before a Board meeting and no later than noon on the day before a Board meeting. 

    Testimony on agenda items must be 250 words or less and must include the name and community of residence of the author as well as any pertinent group affiliation. Testimony will not be read aloud during Board meetings, but will be compiled and provided to Board members prior to the start of the meeting. It will also be posted online at in advance of the meeting. During the meeting, the Board and the public will be apprised of how many comments were received for each agenda item.

    Concerns that are confidential, such as student-specific and personnel issues, cannot be published as part of public testimony.

    Testimony that exceeds the 250-word limit will be trimmed to meet the criteria before being posted online. However, the full version will be provided to Board.

    Testimony on topics not on the agenda can be submitted under the same criteria as above and will also be posted online.

    - Public testimony process implemented on May 29, 2020.



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