• Public testimony is taken by the Board of Education at all regularly scheduled meetings. Those wishing to offer comment before the Board can sign up between the time the agenda is made public on the Friday before a Board meeting and 4 p.m. on the day before the Board meeting. Sign up by clicking the link on the right or by calling the Board Office at 410-222-5311 during normal business hours. 

    Please note the following when signing up to testify at Board Meetings.

    • Testimony on agenda items will be taken when those items are before the Board. Testimony on items not on the agenda will be taken during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.
    • To assist the Board, speakers during the Public Comment portion will be grouped by topic.
    • Those who sign up and are not present when their name is called will forfeit their opportunity to speak.
    • Regardless of whether the testimony is offered on an agenda item or during Public Comment, student-specific concerns and personnel issues cannot be discussed before the Board.
    • Testimony can be submitted to the Board of Education via email at any time at Signups for those wishing to testify at Board meetings will not be accepted by email.

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