Explorations 1

  • International Economics & Finance Students enrolled in Explorations I will be exposed to each of the program pathways the International Economics & Finance Signature offers.

    The introductory course for Signature: International Economics & Finance is a 1 semester course which focuses on financial literacy skills. Students receive an overview of the three available program pathways, participate in field trips, and hear from a variety of guest speakers. Units of study include:

    Introduction to Economics and Finance: 

    • Economic Thinking
    • Financial Decision Making
    • My Financial Identity
    • Making Investments

     My Role in the Economy: 

    • Predicting the Future and Technology
    • Your Job/Your Future
    • Project Scope
    • Understanding Taxes

     Managing Money:

    • Spending and Budgeting
    • Banking Basics
    • Interest and Credit Cards
    • Time-Value of Money

    Major Expenditures:

    • Buying a house
    • Buying an automobile
    • Food and daily needs
    • Protecting your Identity


    Students participate in the Stock Market Game, identify careers and educational pathways, and take part in networking events during which they practice "soft skills" and interact with professionals from a number of career fields. Students also participate in content-related field trips, leadership experiences, and project-based learning exercises.