Information for Incoming IB MYP Families

  • We are so excited to welcome our rising 6th graders in August!

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    • To register your child as a student at Old Mill Middle North, visit the registration portal and upload the required documents.
    • For information related to registration, please contact our school registrar, Ms. Dru Reusing,
    • For information related to scheduling and course selection for next year, please contact our school counselor, Ms. Karen Jones,
    • And for any questions about the IB MYP program at Old Mill Middle North, please contact the IB MYP coordinator, Ms. Diana Christadore,

    Join us for an engaging STEM Design and OMMN Orientation Day in August!

    • Students will engage in the design cycle to create a prototype of their “astronaut kicks”, or shoes they could wear in space. The workshop will be led and facilitated by a real NASA rocket scientist, and it will set the stage for our exploration of space, space travel, and the International Space Station as the school year progresses. Students will also have the opportunity to tour OMMN and meet some of their teachers and each other. We hope this will get students excited about the year to come and more comfortable with the building as well as the start of middle school.
    • Sign up HERE!


    have an awesome summer