When After-School Activities are canceled


    • All Unit I (TAAAC), Unit II (AEL), and Unit IV (SAAAAC) employees are to be released by their principal/supervisor no later than 30 minutes after the departure of students. However, this excludes previously scheduled early release days for students to allow for professional development and/or teacher workdays (on those days, employees will be dismissed in accordance with the normal student dismissal time).

    • Extended day for Apex Arts Magnet Program students is not considered an after-school activity for cancellation purposes. Extended day closures will be communicated with a transportation directive when determined.

    • When after-school activities are canceled or schools close early for inclement weather, there will be no evening high school.

    • The cancellation of evening activities in anticipation of the onset of inclement weather does not necessarily fall within the parameters of the above. Communication of such instances will include language about employee responsibilities.

    • The cancellation of school-sponsored after-school activities does not necessarily cancel events sponsored by other agencies. For the status of activities sponsored by agencies other than AACPS including after-school day care, please check with that agency.

    • Protocols for extended day magnet programs will be posted online at https://www.aacps.org/magnet.