School Meals for Virtual Students

  • School Meals for Virtual StudentsAll school meals (breakfast and lunch) are free to all students effective September 8, 2021 through the last day of school in June 2022.

    AACPS Food & Nutrition Services will make arrangements for virtual learners and students who are isolated or quarantined to pick up meals at an elementary, middle, or high school of their choice – other than their home school.  Meals will not be offered for pick-up at the home school as no meals will be made and packaged there. 

    Call 410-222-5900 for information and to register for meal pickup.  You must register for meal pickup.

    The following is a time schedule when meals can be picked up at the school of your choice:

                Elementary school meal pickup time:  12:00pm (noon)

                Middle school meal pickup time:            11:30am

                High school meal pickup time:               11:00am

    Please select a school near you that is convenient based on location and time you will be able to pickup a lunch for your student.