About the Equity Committee

  • The Equity Committee exists to equip Anne Arundel County Public Schools with the ability to foster a viably structured, equitable education for all students.



    All Means ALL where equity is foundational to driving excellence.


    Who Is The Team

    Diverse set of individuals including Board members, AACPS staff and, members of the Citizen Advisory Committee.


    Why We Exist

    Support AACPS’ operational governance in identifying areas within and through policy to connect AACPS’ commitment to equity in education with the focused application of educational equity in decision-making, resource allocation, and staff, student and community engagement.  We are promoting equity through institutional change.


    What We Value

    Embracing diverse and inclusive experiences, creating thriving environments, fostering equicentricity into practice systemically by guarding equity in our schools.


    Goals of the Committee

    • The purpose of this committee is to combat against hate and bias, but also amplify the positive initiatives coming out of AACPS offices.
    • The committee can research, prepare, and vote on actionable recommendations for the Board to ensure agreed upon matters are highlighted and processed in an efficient manner.
    • The committee can support broader community focused goals brought forth by stakeholder groups.
    • Review policy or budget related topics at the request of those committees.
    • Help with the development of partnerships in the community.
    • Commit to vetting and promoting resources to the broader community.
    • To provide regular feedback to help ensure that policies and regulations are implemented with fidelity.
    • Continue to foster community input.

Equity Committee Meetings

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