Absences must be communicated in writing.  (No phone calls, please.) Simply email your student's teacher and copy the office staff .  When a student is absent five consecutive days, a doctor’s note is also required.

    Thank you for communicating absences, particularly multiple days absences, in advance whenever possible.  However, please note that families will continue to receive the AACPS-automated absence call(s) for unexcused absences, such as travel.  


    Attendance & Late Arrival

    Students who arrive late need to be signed in by a parent/guardian.  Please do not drop them off to come in alone.  

    If your child is absent, you will automatically receive a Connect-Ed message stating that your child is not in school that day.  It will remind you to submit a note stating the reason for absence.  (If your child arrives quite late in the day, you may also receive this automated message.)

    Regular attendance and being on time are essential to a student’s success in school.  Persistent problems in either area create a genuine learning hardship for a student and are regarded as a serious problem. Late arrivals also interfere with whole class instruction.  If either issue is excessive, parents/guardians will be invited in for a conference to discuss solutions with the counselor, administration, and the Pupil Personnel Department.  


    Picking up your child early?  

    Any parent needing to pick up a student prior to dismissal is asked to arrive no later than 2:00 pm.  This allows time for your child to gather their things and leave the building before school-wide dismissal begins. 

    Please allow time for your child to be called to the office, especially during lunch and recess times.  Students will not be dismissed to wait in the office for the parent to arrive. 


    Thank you for not opening the door for any other visitors/adults waiting for entrance into the building.  School staff will attend to this process.