Fall 2021


  • 11/4/21 – When are Brightspace Office Hours for teachers?

    Information related to our Brightspace support for our AACPS educators can be found on the following website:  www.aacps.org/Fall2021Educator

    Brightspace Office Hours for Educators are available on Monday-Friday 12-2pm and Sunday-Thursday 6-8pm.  Google Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/pmg-suiu-mos  We will work with teachers and administrators to offer personalized assistance to ensure they are comfortable and confident using Brightspace in their classroom and school.

  • 10/11/21 How long will I have access to my Archived Google Classroom?

    You spoke; we listened.  As teachers and instructional leaders transition to our new learning management system, moving content from archived Google Classrooms to Brightspace is one way teachers have chosen to maximize existing materials and resources.  Teachers have expressed concern about access to materials for second semester (Spring 2022 classes) past the originally publicized November 12, 2021 Google Classroom expiration date.

    To assist and support the transition, the date archived google classrooms will be deleted has been extended to June 30, 2022. This means that teachers and resource staff may access archived Google Classrooms to support the move of materials to their new Brightspace home for the remainder of this school year. 

    NOTE: It is, however, important to remember that this does not allow for Google Classroom to be an option for instructional delivery.


  • 10/4/21 Where do I find out exactly what I need to include in my Brightspace Classroom right now (October of 2021)?

    Please look at the Brightspace Teacher Expectations document on the FALL2021 Educator website at www.aacps.org/Fall2021Educator

  • 10/1/21 Why do we need Brightspace when Google Classroom worked so well?

    Google Classroom was a tool to accomplish the following: provide calendars of events/due dates, hold materials/files, share information, collect materials.  All features worked well and we became very familiar with using them.  It was a tool with many uses, but not a complex tool designed to provide a learning home for students, teachers, and families.  Brightspace offers us much greater functionality.

    Brightspace is a Learning Management System (LMS) that will change the way we work with students and learning materials into the future; it will change the ‘how’ behind learning materials organization, communication with families, capturing student performance snapshots, sharing of information (multiple formats), and student executive functioning strategies.  Over the course of this school year, teachers will be offered a chance to see and engage with the full suite of options available in Brightspace – little by little as the months move forward.  The organization of classroom/course materials is only the first step on our Brightspace journey.