Fall 2021


  • 11/4/21 – What is happening with moving forward with music, dance, choral, and other co-curricular events in the fall?

    We are supporting students performing and participating in contests and other face-to-face events this fall.  We have put protocols in place for social distancing and masking to increase health and safety of participating students and audience members.


    It will be the responsibility of the school’s administration to confirm the capacity of the room. Audience participants should number less than 70% of the room capacity; on average the attendance will most likely hover between 50-60% of the room capacity.

    It is the responsibility of school-based leadership to ensure that seating and capacity limits are maintained.  It may likely be necessary to provide tickets to events and specifically communicate the limitation of total attendees. Priority seating will go to the immediate family members of student performers. 

    All audience attendees at indoor performances must be masked at all times while in the school building.  Performing students must follow the specific discipline guidance as it pertains to masking when indoors.

    Dance: Dance Performers may unmask when participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity during performance. They are expected to be masked at all other times when indoors.

    Music:  All Vocal and Instrumental performers must use appropriate Instrumental PPE and masks at all times when indoors as they do during daily classroom practicing.   This includes all music performances in any indoor venue.

    Theatre: Drama Performers should be masked when singing in an element of a theatrical production; consider clear/transparent masking options should the performers be comfortable using them. Actors with speaking parts may be unmasked in scenes when they are speaking.


  • 9/28/21 Can I drop off a hot lunch for my student so they are able to receive it at lunchtime?

    On the rare occasion when your student forgets their lunch, please feel free to drop off their bagged lunch and we will make sure it gets to them by their lunchtime.  However, we cannot guarantee that if you drop off a hot lunch that it will be given to your student while hot.  Please try to drop off a bagged lunch that does not require it be given to your student immediately upon your delivery.

  • 9/28/21 Can I pick up my student and take them out for lunch?

    No.  We have students engaged fully in learning and in the life of our school community.  We have staff supporting students fully as they navigate learning and schooling in these unprecedented times.  We cannot embrace the exiting and re-entering of students during the midday as it does not support the healthy calm environment we are trying to establish and sustain in our schools.