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  • The 2023-2024 School Year

    Over the last two years, as we have all made the return to life and school, post-pandemic, we made small steps to continue to grow our IB Middle Years Programme here at OMMN, and I am beyond happy to share that we are now ready to hit our stride as we approach the 2023-2024 school year! With our committed team of teachers and staff and our newly appointed principal, Jason Campion, I am confident that this upcoming year will be one of our best yet.

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    See below to learn about what we have in store for our rising 6th grade IB MYP magnet students:


    • Our plans kick off in August with a STEM focused design workshop and orientation day during which incoming 6th graders will engage in the design cycle to create a prototype of their “astronaut kicks”, or shoes they could wear in space. The workshop will be led and facilitated by a real NASA rocket scientist, and it will set the stage for our exploration of space, space travel, and the International Space Station as the school year progresses. Students will also have the opportunity to tour OMMN and meet some of their teachers and each other. We hope this will get students excited about the year to come and more comfortable with the building as well as the start of middle school.
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    • In September, students will participate in a team building day on the initiative and confidence course at AACPS’s Arlington Echo. This course is designed for students to build communication and cooperation skills, and we hope it will be only the beginning of the bonds this group of students will forge with one another over the next few years.


    • Students will return their focus to space and space travel in October with an introduction to the International Space Station and an understanding of how space travel in the 20th century transitioned from the Space Race to a global collaboration for space exploration. In the months following, students will continue to learn about the International Space Station by investigating its current mission(s) and the advancements in space travel and exploration that have been made as a result of the ISS and its collaborators.


    • Later in the school year, we will have a return visit from our NASA rocket scientist to talk to the students about space travel and planning a space mission. This will set their thoughts in motion for them to plan a space mission themselves. Students will have the option to visit any place in space they choose and be tasked with creating a plan for a mission to get there. We hope to be able to partner with one or more IB schools across the world to share our space travel plans and make global connections.


    • All of the year's inquiry and learning will culminate in a field trip experience placing students' understanding of space and space travel into a real world context and bringing their learning to life.


    Join us!

    If you are interested in joining our Old Mill Middle North IB MYP Patriot family, please visit the AACPS Magnet Programs site where you can find information about the magnet application process and apply for our program!



    Diana Christadore, IB MYP Coordinator


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