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  • The Office of School and Family Partnerships is proud to bring you Family Academy, a library of videos, classes, and resources to answer your questions on student Wellbeing & Growth, Navigating AACPS Resources, and Academics & Programs.

    To access Family Academy:

    • Log on to Brightspace Parent & Guardian
    • When you are logged in, click on the "waffle" at the top right.
    • Choose one of the three courses.
    • Once you are in Family Academy, you can move around each section, view videos and resources, and move to another section.
  • Family Academy is available when you are logged on through a browser, not the app. 

    We are looking forward to expanding the topics and videos available, holding book discussions, live courses, and more! Many of the videos are available in Español and we continue to expand the number of translated videos.

    Tell us what you think about Family Academy!

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