• When COVID-19 or related cases arise in schools, Anne Arundel County Public Schools provides as much information as possible to families of students and staff at those schools. Information that would violate health privacy regulations or could lead to a violation of those regulations will not be released.

    Communications are posted on this page, and families and staff receive an email and text message to the contacts on file with the school. Families whose information is outdated or missing must contact their student's school to rectify that situation. 

    Letters remain on this page for five days from the date they are posted.

    Communications contain the status of the case and whether or not anyone has been identified as a close contact. The AACPS Contact Tracing Team, working in collaboration with the Anne Arundel County Department of Health, collaborates with school principals and administrators as well as school nurses to determine those who were in a defined close proximity, either indoors or outdoors, during the exposure period to the person who is COVID-positive, has been designated as having COVID-19 symptoms, or has been deemed a probable case.

    Those identified as close contacts may have to quarantine, depending their vaccination status and other factors. Such determinations are arrived at in consultation with the Anne Arundel County Department of Health.

    More information on the contact tracing process can be found here.

    Letters are sent to families and staff at schools after notification of close contacts have been made. Letters will remain on this page for five days and will be sorted by date. Please note that letters posted here will not be reflected on AACPS' COVID-19 dashboard unitl the Contact Tracing Team fully completes its documentation work.

    In cases where the Department of Health declares an outbreak and that outbreak directly causes an instructional or programmatic change, that information will be conveyed in the letter.