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    Each student will receive the following classes each week outside their regular instruction:


    Physical Education – two, half hour periods per week

    Music – two, half hour periods per week

    Art – one hour period per week

    Media – varied per grade but 30 minutes per week at a minimum

    Arts & Humanities – one hour period per week

    Technology – teachers will provide instruction in the classroom via Smart Boards and every student will receive at least 30 minutes of technology instruction in the lab per week



    Physical Education

    Mr. Maka

    Students in kindergarten through fifth grade classes are scheduled for two, 30 minute periods of physical education instruction per week. Students need tennis shoes/sneakers to participate in physical education class. Please find out which days your student(s) has physical education class and help them remember their tennis shoes/sneakers.

    Music & Chorus

    Mrs. Heist

    General/Vocal Music

    K-5 General Music Classes

    Students in kindergarten through fifth grade learn the basics of music theory, composers, and six major platforms of learning set forth by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Music Pacing Guide. Topics such as rhythm, form, melody, tone color/timbre, and harmony/texture are explored in depth.

    This is not your average music class!

    Lake Shore Elementary School promotes the integration of music classes with other academic and artistic areas of study. We believe this will help each student make cross-curricular connections that will serve them in and out of the classroom.

    Don’t be surprised if you witness Lake Shore Musicians illustrating a piece of music, (art), studying the dynamics of sound (science), using cooperative learning to acquire knowledge, creating an instrumental invention based on existing instruments (history), reading/writing about a topic closely associated with a song and/composer (language arts and history), dancing to a beat (physical education), or using music math to compose an original piece of music (math)! The list is endless!

    The Lake Shore Elementary School Chorus

    Students entering the fourth and fifth grade are invited to participate in the school chorus.

    Singers learn techniques such as breathing, posture, confidence, music theory, the importance of teamwork, and the art of performance. Choral members learn to appreciate music from around the world; while building a repertoire of “hidden treasures.”

    The Lake Shore Chorus has performed for local events such as The Chesapeake Feeder System Health Expo., holiday showcases, and sporting events.

    Music Helps To……

    • Foster the acquisition of language
    • Evoke movement to a steady beat and/as a means of expression
    • Encourage physical coordination
    • Bridges the arts and academics
    • Foster cooperative learning
    • Develop listening skills
    • Encourage physical coordination
    • Promote confidence
    • Enhance Self esteem
    • Encourage positive family interaction
    • Foster positive and productive social interaction
    • Engage students in gross and fine motor skills
    • Encourage problem solving skills


    Mrs. Hann 

    When our kindergarten through 5th grader students come to the art classroom, they explore a variety of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional arts forms. All grades study art history through the works of master artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Henri Matisse. We use a variety of media throughout the grade levels, allowing the children to work with tempera and watercolor paints, oil pastels, paper mache, and clay. In class we study the element and principals of design and incorporate them into our projects. We also focus on an appreciation of art and an understanding of how different pieces are created. When you browse through our student gallery, you will see an examples of the art we create at Lake Shore. Many projects, like the insects created by 1st grade, tie into the Science and Social Studies curriculum. I hope you enjoy your tour of the Lake Shore Art Program.

    View our visual arts gallery on Artsonia. Thank you for visiting and supporting the arts. The money generated through Artsonia will help purchase art supplies for the school.


    Mrs. Potter

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