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  • Find location, directions and other information related to schools and county services below. (This site function is operated by the Anne Arundel County Government)

    Although Anne Arundel County strives for accuracy, any property close to a boundary line should be verified by contacting the Planning Office at the phone or e-mail on the right.

    NOTE:  FOR the 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR:  If you are going to be a SENIOR and live in the CROFTON HIGH SCHOOL attendance zone,  you will either enroll at ARUNDEL HIGH or SOUTH RIVER HIGH School.  Crofton High is only enrolling FRESHMAN, SOPHMORES and JUNIORS for the upcoming FALL.  Questions: call the Planning Office or the School's Registrar for verification  Thank you.   


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    For attendance zone verification, please use the Locate Your School application on this page

    If you have other questions pertaining to districting, planning, or requesting an attendance zone map, please contact Mark Lucas at the PLANNING OFFICE at 443-770-5243 or via email at: malucas@aacps.org


    Any inquiries pertaining to SCHOOL REGISTRATION (including Pre-K)Please contact your assigned school's registrar or Go to Student Enrollment.