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    Recycling at AACPS

    AACPS was the first school system in Maryland to start a recycling program in 1991 and at the time only paper was accepted. Over the years recycling practices at AACPS have changed from only accepting paper to multi-stream to single stream. AACPS currently practices single stream recycling. This practice means that all acceptable recycled items can go into the same bin. 


    Recycle Right at AACPS!

    What can be recycled

    • Mixed Paper and Cardboard – newspaper, office paper, boxes, junk mail, magazines
    • Plastic – bottles and containers (empty)
    • Metal – aluminum, tin and steel cans and beverage containers (empty)
    • Glass – bottles and jars (empty)

    What cannot be recycled

    • NO Plastic Wrappers (chip bags, pop tart bags, packing materials, etc.)
    • NO Plastic Films or Bags (grocery bags, Ziploc bags, laminated paper cellophanes)
    • NO Food or Food Soiled Materials (lunch trays, napkins, paper towels, etc.)
    • NO Electronics (TV’s, monitors, computer parts, ink cartridges)
    • NO Bottles with liquid
    • NO Building or Construction Materials (wood, wires, ceiling tiles, metal/PVC pipes, etc.)
    • NO Bulk Items (chairs, tables, desks, etc.)
    • NO Soil, Leaves, Brush or Branches

    Stay up to date with current recycling events with The Maryland Recycling Network here!